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Jeans for Women (certain plus sizes included)! The best quality, comfort and fashion for the best price! Includes the world's best & only AIELOWU Jeannie!

"AIELOWU Jeannie" (meaning "I love you Jeannie" and short form 'AJ Jeans') is a patented product (US9089173 and pending elsewhere) that makes it easy for the women to use the restroom or attend their hygienic needs in limited privacy. Being patented, these jeans shall not be fabricated or sold by anyone else and can't be bought from anywhere else!

The four styles of AIELOWU Jeannie are currently in pre-production and coming to Kickstarter for crowdfunding on July 14, 2018. The actual shipping will start only in November 2018, on a priority basis.

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