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Aielowu Jeannie - Distressed version, front and rear view
Aielowu Jeannie - Patented Radical Design
Aielowu Jeannie - Patented Design
Aielowu Jeannie - Patented Radical Design

Aielowu Jeannie Ripped Skinny Jeans, Indigo Blue - Women

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This product is currently in preproduction and coming to Kickstarter for crowdfunding on July 14, 2018. The actual shipping will start only in November 2018, on a priority basis.

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"AIELOWU Jeannie" (pronounced "I love you Jeannie" and short form 'AJ') to help women to use the restroom with ease or attend their hygienic needs (like changing a tampon or a menstrual cup) in limited privacy. This patented jeans (US9089173 and pending elsewhere) features a front opening flap using a pair of zippers that goes all the way to the rear, omitting the need for bringing down the jeans while using the restroom. This product offers great comfort and convenience for traveling, camping, hiking, trekking or everyday use.

  • AIELOWU Jeannie Ripped Skinny Jeans is a ripped / distressed version of AJ Jeans, having controlled ripping on the side of the legs.
  • Skinny Jeans and Indigo Blue color.
  • The main fabric material would be high quality denim with 92-97% Cotton, 3-8% Spandex (Lycra) and medium weight (~11 oz/sq yard).
  • All materials selected considering finish, appeal, durability and comfort.
  • The main flap has another butterfly flap on the inside, that covers the entire crotch area. This butterfly flap has a special antimicrobial lining on the inside, that facilitates the use of most commercially available adhesive pantyliners (including Carefree Original Regular). The need for a special underwear is thus unwarranted. 
  • However, the user of product AJ can wear a pair of strapless panties as underwear (none included in the package), if desired.
  • The AJ Jeans offers comfort in using the toilet that no other legged garment offers. Basically, with the flap open women can flex their legs so easily that their dexterity wouldn't be affected!
  • Imported (Made in China) and duty paid in the US

Please refer the size chart (link provided at the top) to ensure the best fit for you. The selection is primarily based on your body waist or hips (whichever is larger) and inseam. 

Care: Machine wash cold, separately with like colors, normal wash cycle, regular detergent and tumble dry on low setting. Use only Non-Chlorine bleach. Refer the wash care label inside the product for full recommendations.

Aielowu Jeannie - Patented Radical Design
Aielowu Jeannie - Patented Design