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About us

Our Company: Live-Lived Incorporated (a C-corporation incorporated in the State of Delaware) is a start-up in the United States, pursuing fashion ecommerce and having its business office located at Thousand Oaks, California. We made a modest beginning in the Chicago, Illinois, US in August 2017 and later relocated to Thousand Oaks, California, US in April 2018.

Our Brand: LIVE-LIVED is an innovative fashion brand with the slogan "A Fashion Brand not for the Faint of Heart"! Our brand name LIVE-LIVED arises from coining two words "LIVE" and "LIVED" whose mirror would be "EVIL" and "DEVIL", respectively. In this universe "LIVE" or "LIVED" and "EVIL" or "DEVIL" are two sides of the same coin, similar to yin and yang. This is the main reason we adapted our emblem similar to yin-yang by using the first two letters of "LIVE" and "LIVED". Another twist to the name "LIVE-LIVED" is the slogan: "LIVE your moments for a life well LIVED"

We stand for affordable luxury and quality in fashion, and offers the best value for your money. Our fabrics are completely made of premium organic natural fibers, except where necessary. We initially started with casual and semi-formal wear. We are slowly moving towards other segments in fashion and lifestyle, adding more products in the near future. Additionally, we plan to bring innovation in fabrics and fashion, for both convenience and comfort.

Our Founders: They come from science, engineering and management background, backed by advisers in fashion, e-commerce and finance.

Our Vision: “We intend to make our customers stand apart from rest of the crowd with a daring attitude, through innovation and quality, in fashion and lifestyle.”

Our Products: Our products are made from selected (premium) organic and natural fabrics. We make our products to the latest trends, with a tinge of unique identity to distinguish us from other premium brands. Our products are targeted towards the customer segment that prefers premium quality at an affordable price. We have some innovative products coming up, with patent approval from USPTO (US9089173).